Legalisation Service (foreign documents)

Legalisation Service (foreign documents)

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LEGALISATION SERVICE (foreign documents)


1. Legalisation service provided at Royal Thai Embassy, The Hague, is to certify genuine signature of CDC (MinBuZa) officer on foreign documents to be used in Thailand.

2. Before submitting to Royal Thai Embassy, The Hague, for legalisation, ALL documents must be legalised by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands (MinBuZa) - see 

NB.: It is the responsibility of applicants to check and confirm with the organisation which the legalised document is intended to be submitted to in regard to requirements and translation of the document. Generally, Thai or English translation is required.

3. Fee : 15 euro per legalisation (PINNEN, no cash)

4. Duration : at least 2 - 3 working days. 

Ways to collect your documents;

- You can pick up in person at the Embassy on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday between 13.30 - 14.00 hrs.

- You can ask the Embassy to send your legalisation back by post. [Only for destination in the Netherlands] by expressing your interest during your application. You will be responsible for the cost of sending by registered mail yourself. Please prepare a self-addressed envelope for sending back and affixed with a stamp worth at least 10.25 euros (postzegels). The Embassy is not responsible for the loss. And you will be responsible for tracking your document with Post NL yourself. The Embassy will send you a tracking number in case the legalisation is not received.

5. Making an appointment for legalisation (foreign documents only) <click> **This is NOT for booking an appointment for Thai passport or legalisation of Thai document(s).**

*** From 8 January 2024, Legalisation Service will be provided at the Embassy's Temporary Office

Address : Unit D213 - D214, Haagsche Hof, Parkstraat 83, 2514 JG, The Hague ***



(1) For legalisation of Thai documents, please see details here: LEGALISATION (in Thai)

(2) For a letter of consent to give consent to your Thai child to apply for a Thai passport in Thailand,

  • Please download and fill this form without signing the form.
  • Make an appointment via email: [email protected] or Tel. 0703450766 ext 220. Please do NOT book an appointment for legalisation service via the link above.
  • Bring the filled form, your valid passport and a copy of the passport to the Embassy on the appointment day. You MUST sign the form in front of the officer.
  • Fee : 15 euro

(3) The Embassy is NOT able to certify any ֍ MEDICAL PRESCRIPTIONS ֍. For those who will bring medications to Thailand, please contact Thailand's Food and Drug Administration. For more details, CLICK HERE.